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Nominating Someone That Needs Help Is Simple


Anyone that needs dental care and/or treatment that either can’t afford it or lacks the resources and/or means to receive care or treatment. This can be an individual or family that has faced serious setbacks and can be either permanent or temporary. 


We regularly come across people struggling after layoffs, cancer survivors, people with disabilities, elderly on fixed incomes, and children in need of advanced dental treatment. 


Who is not eligible for assistance?  The biggest disqualifier for people applying for assistance is drug abuse and addiction.  We also screen candidates to confirm that there is a true need for assistance as opposed to someone who can cover the cost of care but has chosen to target our organization for personal gain. Individuals having dental insurance can apply for assistance to help with some or all their out of pocket portions not covered by their insurance.


The most common way for someone to be considered for assistance is by being nominated by a dental healthcare provider.  However, anyone having knowledge of a person in need of dental treatment, yet lacks the means necessary to undergo treatment, can nominate those individuals for consideration. 


The process to nominate follows our core value - simplicity.  Most our nominations come to us from our website, however, nominations can always be submitted initially by phone, email, fax, and handwritten correspondence by mail. 


Due to the nature of assistance offered, we realize that many of the people nominated could be in pain or discomfort which is why our board of directors review nominations immediately. 


Once we receive a nomination we immediately contact the nominee and whomever nominated the individual.  We then begin working to confirm the validity of a nomination by conducting initial interviews with all any individuals involved.  To preserve the integrity of our organization we may go as far as, but not limited to, requesting bank statements, tax returns, pay-stubs, medical bills, credit reports, or anything else that supports a hardship or need for assistance. 


After the board approves the nomination is approved and a dental healthcare provider is selected, we will begin coordinating with the provider and/or office where treatment will be performed. 


After treatment has been rendered the provider then sends us a treatment summary along with an itemized treatment cost breakdown.  Once the treatment is confirmed we then pay the provider or provider’s office directly, in full.  By paying the provider directly we are ensuring that all funds or assistance awarded are applied to treatment.  This means that Dentists and Dental Offices are always paid in full at their standard office fees for the treatment rendered. 

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